Co-Curricular Activities

The school organizes a series of co-curricular activities which match perfectly with the curricular programs. The House system groups students into four houses i.e. Nanak (Blue colour) , Shivajee (Yellow colour), Teresa ( Green colour ), Rahim (red colour) Apart from further competitiveness through house games, this system also promotes social integration and sense of responsibility amongst the students.

Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Skating, Table Tennis, Basketball, Gymnastics etc. are some of the games/sports for which there are complete arrangements. A music/dance room facilitates the aesthetic sense and thus fine-tunes the child's aesthetic sensitivity. This is inculcated with various fine tuned inter-school competitions in games, debates, declamation, dance and drama giving students an opportunity to assess their standard against others, while also fostering a healthy competitive attitude.

The school has NCC division for its students. A well designed programme of tours and excursions ensures that the students come to productive conduct with the entire country. The tours are planned in a way that they provide a genuine education of the geography, history, cultures, traditions, customs and technological developments of our country.